Jul 31st, 2020

The Most Idyllic Places in Santorini to Get a Picture

Undeniably, Santorini is one of the most romantic Mediterranean islands and home to some of the most breath-taking sunsets. Whitewashed houses, bougainvillea-filled porches, blue-domed chapels, narrow cobbled streets lined with cafes and shops, and a staggering volcanic landscape set a paradisal Instagram-perfect background for, indeed, heart-stopping Santorini photos.
Speaking of iconic photo locations, here are a few areas worth exploring when on a best-photo-spot hunt:

1. Oia, Santorini

The sunsets at Oia are perhaps among the most photographed in Santorini (and probably the entire world). Head to the Oia Castle for a slice of heaven just before the sun goes down. Be prepared for truly stunning Santorini photos from the top of the Castle region, which includes not only the expansive sea views but also panoramas of Oia village itself. Sit comfortably on the Castle wall facing toward the bay – avid photographers admit this is the best angle to get your shots. Just make sure you come in early (around an hour or so before sunset) to set up for some great shots.

Another location to get fab Santorini photos is the Oia cliffside. Distinguished by beautiful pastel buildings, the cliffs surrounding Oia get an inviting orange shade – a spectacle you definitely want to take with you back home. The windmill is one of the buildings that offer superb vistas of the descending sun and the islands that circle the Cycladic pearl, so definitely worth checking out.

2. Amoudi Bay

The scenic port gives you the chance to capture fantastic caldera views – the ones you see in Santorini guidebooks! The gorgeous natural environment and the panoramas you can treat your eyes with from Amoudi Bay make it one of the best locations for incredible Santorini photos. Again, prefer the late evening hours to catch the sun before it slips behind the horizon. The warm yellow and red hues that shower the place will leave you in awe, while heading to Antoperla Luxury Hotel & Spa – your elegant hotel in Santorini that knows how to pamper its guests with VIP amenities and world-class facilities.

3. The Blue-Domed Churches

Part of almost every Santorini honeymoon picture and postcard image ever taken is the famous blue-domed chapels that dot the island. Rightfully so. The golden hours offer excellent opportunities for savvy photographers to immortalise the most bewitching views of the Aegean vastness and the endless blue of the sky.

You will find blue domed churches in several locations across Santorini, with the most impressive ones being at Oia and Perissa villages (look for the Church of the Holy Cross at Perissa for out-of-this-world pictures of Santorini).

Speaking of churches, do consider visiting the church bells at Fira town. They, too, provide ravishing panoramas of the volcanic landscape and the shimmering sea. Besides rare Santorini photos, you will also have the chance to savour delicious coffee and delicacies or a late afternoon cocktail – the bustling region never sleeps.

4. Perissa village

Perissa Santorini hosts a wealth of spots to take magnificent, almost artistic pictures of Santorini. Whether you make a stop at the charming little town of Emporio on the way to Perissa beach or go straight to the amazing beach with the volcanic black sand, you will certainly be spoilt for choice.

Besides the peculiarity of the so-called Black Beach (the name locals use for Perissa Beach), which is photograph-worthy, the quiet streets and the friendly locals enjoying ouzo and mezedes at locals tavernas also offer superb photo opportunities. Note that you can also book a Santorini Day Trip from Perissa and sail across the most remote, most blissful locations around and near Santorini.

As for your accommodation, Perissa is home to luxury hotels in Santorini, with Antoperla enjoying the most attraction from discerning travelers that appreciate the finest in life.

5. The Red Beach

Looking to grab the allure of the soaring red lava cliffs and capture sand with pebbles that are more scarlet than sapphires? The Red Beach at Akrotiri region (the southern side of the island) is a unique spot to get awesome Santorini photos, even on a gloomy day. No matter the reason that brings you here, the landscape will reward you with some great shots.

Where to stay

If you want to combine luxury with sweeping views of the setting or rising sun, blended with unbelievable seascapes and the cloudless Mediterranean sky, the Perissa is your place. It is no accident that we have decided to build Antoperla Luxury Hotel & Spa in this particular region!

You can spend your time wandering the streets of the village in between the crowds or choose to have a relaxing stroll by the Perissa beach. Want to have the beach all by yourself and take soul-pleasing Sanrotini photos without people getting in the way? Come in the late evening or early morning hours.

The best thing about your stay at Antoperla Luxury Hotel & Spa? It provides a real treat to your overall experience, as it is among the very few Santorini hotels with a private pool that ensure its guests’ privacy, comfort, and convenience in more ways than one.


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