Nov 28th, 2019

Santorini Sea Kayak Adventures - Getting Introduced to Santorini’s Most Idyllic Settings

Santorini is a marvel on its own, especially if you are after Santorini sea kayak excursions. The awe-inspiring volcanic formations that have become hosts to whitewashed residences and have given life to healing mud baths, the blue-domed churches and monasteries, the picturesque hilltop traditional villages, the imposing Caldera, and many more comprise a unique setting ready to steal your heart. As for those with a particular flair towards anything sea-related, they will surely find the idea of exploring the island via a Santorini kayak tour extremely appealing!

Discovering Rugged Coastlines

Taking Santorini sea kayak courses will allow those not familiar with the sport combine kayaking skills and seamanship so as to enjoy a paddling experience as they explore jagged lands along the coast. And, if you are quite an advanced paddler, why not even include some island hopping in this adventure? Using a kayak in Santorini opens the way to multiple kinds of thrill and excitement for sure! Depending on your Santorini sea kayaking level, you will find courses for both beginners and experienced paddlers.

You may start with a Santorini sea kayak endeavour on the south of the island and be introduced to the spectacular rock formations there. The waters are also inviting and crystal clear, while the beaches are sandy and incredibly beautiful. For your reference, the popular Red and White Beach are both on this part of the island, as well. En route, you may also stop for things like a light picnic, snorkeling, and swimming to enhance your Santorini family holidays even further.

Pristine Waters & Breathtaking Shores

Besides the Red and White beaches in Santorini, the single largest, most amazing shore -on the island- is Perissa beach. Famous for its black sand and the cobalt, crystalline waters, it provides a scenic and blissful setting worth checking out while on your Santorini sea kayak explorations.

As you dip your feet in the refreshing waters of the Aegean, do have a look at the unspoiled (almost paradisal) settlement of Perissa. The experience will definitely be rewarding for more reasons than one, especially if you fancy the idea of stepping back in time and seeing a world completely different from the one we all live in right now! It is just within an arm’s reach from Antoperla Luxury Hotel & Spa –the most preferred of all luxury hotels in Santorini, offering exquisite, authentic, and royal experiences.

Crossing the Imposing Caldera

The northwest part of Santorini is home to the spectacular cliffs of Oia – probably the most charming, idyllic village on the island. No wonder the top Santorini tours include a passage to the Caldera. You may access the Caldera from the north passage between Thirasia and Santorini, paddle past the islands that form the Santorini complex and heart-stopping cliffs, stop for a quick snack or coffee, and end the day with fantastic sunset views that accompany a delicious, Greek dinner at Ballos bay.

Note that most of the 5-star hotels in Santorini like Antoperla are located within a short drive away from Santorini capital and the Caldera to provide their elite guests with easy and fast access to the main attractions and sights of the island.

Santorini Sea Kayak Alternative for Savvy Kayakers

If you are an experienced kayaker, you may also opt for a Santorini Kayak Tour around the Lighthouse which is a tad more challenging. The route is indeed amazing, though, and usually involves launching from Ballos Beach, paddling through the Caldera, and then below the Lighthouse, passing by White Beach, Red Beach, and Pigadia Beach.

Exploring the Little Cyclades

Another itinerary to make with your kayak in Santorini is an expedition to the Little Cyclades. Also referred to as Back Islands, the Little Cyclades include the baby islands of Iraklia, Skhinoussa, Pano Koufonissi, and Donoussa. Each island provides a different adventure, being so different from one another. A Santorini kayak tour that includes the majority (if not all) of these small Cycladic pearls is definitely a must!

Whichever adventure you prefer the most, do not hesitate to share your need(s) with the friendly receptionists at Antoperla. They will ensure all the necessary arrangements are well taken care of down to the last detail so that you have a stellar experience as you take your kayak at Santorini’s best attractions and most amazing spectacles as you paddle the welcoming Aegean Sea.

Antoperla is not rated the most guest-centric of all luxury Santorini resorts by accident. Leaving our beautiful island with the most heart-filling memories is our mission – a mission we have never failed to deliver.

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