Oct 03rd, 2019

Helicopter Tour in Santorini – The Mediterranean Divinity Meets Cycladic Grandeur

A Santorini helicopter tour is definitely one of the most spectacular ways to soar above the picturesque landscapes of the beautiful island and the glistering Aegean Sea. A helicopter tour gives you the chance to spot the charming, white-washed villages and the volcanic formation that characterise Santorini, as well as fill your lungs with the unique sense of freedom when watching the world from up above. Plus, you get to enjoy exclusive, private, authentic, and luxury moments with your loved ones, away from the crowded caldera and the busy streets.

Santorini Helicopter Tours - Best Itineraries

The semi-submerged caldera at Oia is certainly the main pole of attraction on the island. It is also part of the Santorini allure, given its fascinating geological history. Add to that the heart-stopping views of the azure sea surrounding the island and its endless blue that seems to become one with the cobalt shades of the horizon and the dashing Mediterranean sky and one can quickly understand why a Santorini helicopter tour is a marvellous sightseeing alternative.

The adventure can begin in the south and the famous Megalochori vineyards and gradually move to the popular Nea Kameni, the small island within the flooded caldera, and the quaint Thirassia island, section of the ancient Stroggili (the first name of Santorini, which means “round”), with the scenic houses and their hypnotising accents. Along the way, blue-domed chapels and cubic-shaped residencies with yellow and blue doors dot the mesmerising landscape. Flying over the famous Oia village is a must-do for sure, where you may have the perfect opportunity to lay eyes on mind-blowing, utterly romantic sunset panoramas (depending on the time of your Santorini helicopter tour).

Another itinerary could include a stopover at the colourful beaches of the island, where you will have the chance to admire magnificent vistas of black sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

Santorini Helicopter Tour – Alternative Options for Enhanced Privacy

Needless to say, you may as well enjoy Santorini private tours to all the main attractions of the island, and not only. And, since you will be having a bird’s eye view of the Aegean Sea from your luxury helicopter, why not add some island-hopping adventure in it? Nearly 20 major paradisal islands await in the Cyclades to dazzle you with their extraordinaire beauty and allure! Without a doubt, a Santorini tour that involves utmost privacy and all the VIP comforts you require is definitely worth it.

The good news is that everything you desire, including an exclusive Santorini tour, can be arranged by Antoperla, your Santorini luxury hotel. In this case, just ask the friendly receptionists for their assistance!

Helicopter for your wedding day!

Besides booking a Santorini helicopter tour to explore the charms of this beautiful island from the cloudless skies, many A-lists find a unique appeal in hiring a helicopter to give their special day a touch of excitement and glam. No wonder so many celebs and jetsetters are spotted making a tour over the magnificent Santorini island, before they land at their extravagant wedding reception! In fact, a select few luxury hotels in Santorini, Antoperla included, of course, can handle such requests and organise the perfect helicopter tour and wedding reception for you and your cherished one.

All-Around Royal Holidays

Santorini is probably the most romantic island in the Mediterranean Sea, if not the entire world. No wonder all Santorini tours include at least one stop at a spot that provides heart-stopping panoramas of the sun slipping behind the endless blue of the horizon. But, besides its natural bewitchment, Santorini is also a popular destination for providing accommodation options that encompass intimacy, exclusivity, authenticity, splendour, privacy, and kinglike experiences. Indeed, your very own high-end Santorini hotel, Antoperla luxury hotel & spa, provides all the conveniences paramount for regal vacations.

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